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These are capsules are filled with Psilcybe Cubensis Golden Teachers at 200mg (0.20g), Cordyceps, Bacopa Monnieri, Guarana, and Ginger . (Guarana contains caffeine).

You can start with one or two doses and add more as you feel fit. This synergistic blend provides the user with a creative, uplighting and energetic experiences. The flex dose.

Ideal for being active,working on creative projects, going out with friends. It’s enough to feel the mushroom and to enjoy the benefits of superfoods/brain food to balance out the experience. The formulated blend is ideal when you don’t want to trip, but you want to feel the positive
experiences of tripping.
**We highly recommend these**

If you are looking for a microdose to take at school or work, then we recommend the Microdose (Focus) of Microdose (Neuro). They are less potent and are blended with super-foods to help with focus, alertness and well-being

If you want something stronger, look at our Microdose option Active.

Or try a variety pack and get a taste for all the different options.
If you are looking for psychedelic experience, then please check out our other regular dose options.

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4 reviews for Microdose: Flex

  1. Clancy O’Connell (verified owner)

    One capsule was enough to give a feeling of happiness and well being. Motivated to get up and do stuff, and be happy about it! Great for dealing with depression, lack of energy (physical and mental). Effects are not “under the influence” level, still totally able to manage regular life with no issues.

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    My experience with Shroom Hub and their flex product has been excellent. I have been taking it as directed for about two months now and can say unequivocally that it helps me to deal with anxiety and depression issues related to complex PTSD. I whole heartedly recommend this product to anyone struggling with inner turmoil as a result of past trauma of any kind.

  3. KaliMah (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Flex for a month following one capsule a day, with 2-3 off days in between doses. In that time, with my doctors oversight, I have decreased my anti depressant and will be ending my prescription in two weeks. So happy to be doing this!

    At one capsule I can feel the mushrooms. I still gave them the respect I would for a trip at the start, making sure I had free open time ahead of me and a good setting. However, I was able to do most of the normal routine daily things, especially as I became more familiar with the product. Remember that no two doses effect you exactly the same depending on the time of day, your surroundings, what you’ve eaten etc.

  4. L.W (verified owner)

    Flex is my favourite product from shroomhub so far. It is uplifting and lines up with the microdose protocol I’m following, and really just going for an overall sense of well-being and connection with the little details of life. This is exactly what I am aiming for and Flex is helping me so much. It has also taken my morning meditation practice to the next level.

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