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This is the classic microdose. There is 100mg/0.10g Psilcybe Cubensis Golden Teachers mushroom in each capsule, with Lions mane and Niacin. This is a formula promoted by famed mycologist and author Paul Stamets.

Although the protocol seems a catch-all between increasing “creativity, cognition, PTSD, and regeneration of vision and auditory neurons“, in truth the objective of the stack is primarily to increase neurogenesis in the brain over time to preserve memories.

Neurogenesis — the creation of new brain cells — occurs at a great
rate in young children. For a long time, it was not thought to occur in adult brains — once you reach adolescence it was thought, all you could do was watch your brain cells die!

The ingredients are, the Lion’s Mane encapsulated extract, Niacin, and the active Magic Mushroom powder.

Just take 1-3 capsules each day for 4 days and then take 3 days off.

1 or 3 Capsules

1 or 3 Capsules

1 or 3 Capsules

1 or 3 Capsules




(You can adjust the off days, as you see fit.)

Please experiment to see how 1 capsules affects you.

We recommend purchasing a month worth of microdoses to feel long-term results.

To make things very simple, The protocol is pre-made into pill form. The niacin, magic mushroom, and the Lion’s mane are pre-measured in the capsules for each day to maximize the benefits.

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We recommend the Microdose (focus). They are less potent and can help with focus, alertness and well-being.

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4 reviews for Microdose: Neuro

  1. Ross Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Does what it says on the tin. A great catch all medicine and treatment for various psychiatric disorders. The niacin in the caps does create a sensation of warmth and itchiness which lasts about 20 minutes but other than that the experience is fine.

  2. Stan B (verified owner)

    This is a good blend – the instruction sheets says 1-3 pills. I am solid big guy and at three – the Niacin kicks a little high. Take with or after food and best if you mix with fats and protein (i.e. yoghurt).
    So overall would recommend two pills max – as each pill is 500mg format

    I would have like the description to be more clear as to the ingredients (says “herbs and plants”) as to how much psilocybin, how much niacin, and lion’s mane this contains, and others.

    If you need additional Lion’s mane – would recommend over the counter from ForzaBrain.

  3. Krysten P. (verified owner)

    So happy with this product. Has helped me lower my dose on some pretty intense chemical meds. Order always goes smoothly and comes quickly!

  4. Shirley (verified owner)

    This is really Helping with my mood and alertness.

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