African Transkei

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African Transkei Cubensis mushrooms are a potent modern strain that produces prominent body sensations and astounding visuals – ballet of tracers, dancing lights, and geometric shapes that increase at higher doses. These mushrooms provide a light-twinkling, skin-tingling experience.


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African Transkei Magic Mushroom

African Transkei magic mushrooms are considered to be medium in size. The younger magic mushrooms have bright orange and brown caps. As the shroom ages, it turns very pale to a white and purplish colour. Furthermore, these colour combinations is a perfect sign of when the mushroom is about to give off spores. In Addition, the stem of the African Transkei is ususally gnarled and is solid. One unique feature of the Transkei is that the veil of the mushroom stays connected to the cap for a very long time. Most Psilocybe cubensis strains have a veil that tears from the cap and stays on the stem.

History of the African Transkei

African Transkei Magic Mushrooms originate from South Africa. As a result, it was the first strain of Psilocybe cubensis in wide circulation from the African continent. Furthermore, the original magic mushrooms were collected in January of 2002 in Transkei. It was found in the Wild Coast region of South Africa growing in dung.

Effects of the African Transkei

African Transkei Cubensis mushrooms are a potent modern strain that produces prominent body sensations and astounding visuals . In addition, users will experience ballet of tracers, dancing lights, and geometric shapes that increase at higher doses. Finally, these mushrooms provide a light-twinkling and skin-tingling experience.

Dosage guide

The typical dose for most magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams of dried shrooms

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16 reviews for African Transkei

  1. Codyqio (verified owner)

    really enjoyable experience… finding small doses very effective for reliving negative side effects and stress related to my visual snow syndrome

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I thought that I could easily dismiss this place right out of hand, yet the Fruits-of-their-Labour are Captivating & very Magical in appearance, and this place made my Dreams Come To Reality!. Dreams do come true at Shroomhub, as I’m beyond enthralled & fascinated by this variety, and this place is in no way a fantasy.

    It was an honor & 100% Satisfaction to shop here, and this African Transkei variety of Psilocybe meets 5 Stars from my Criterion, and is in the Stellar realm. THANK YOU Shroomhub 🙂

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tried them on Friday with my girlfriend and had an amazing experience. Will definitely be placing another order soon.

  4. Morgan (verified owner)

  5. navaz keshavjee (verified owner)

    I found the perfect mushroom and the perfect dose for me. I used to suffer from bad nightmares and now they’re gone. Thanks to shroom hub.

  6. Marie-Claire Binette (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Seriously (I’m at a loss.on new standard non-binery version for what I thought was a reappropriated already from gender specifity or it would be next…..) fellas
    Tip to toe despite reasons seasons sneezings or old fashioned halloweening –

    You guys are Big Leagueing every other Quality online source in terms of Quality that is best described?……. as the type
    of expertise in artistry one should hope would demand.a level of humility – manifested for instance in your trying your best to hide all the awards you would be maybeIguesssupposedtofeelhalfbad to throw away- so you don’t – but you just haven’t put in a draw yet cause the drawers full of last years awards and you’re busy and a bunch of stuff. – but finally do cause family is coming over and despite a huge pain in the ass to make space…. Level of rockstar

  8. Michael (verified owner)


  9. Alex (verified owner)

  10. Nazmus Jugbhery (verified owner)


  11. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Great first experience with this strain, I will definitely be getting more!

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet but can’t wait!

  14. Andrea (verified owner)

    Best shrooms I’ve ever had!! No headache afterwards and a little goes a long way

  15. Peter b. (verified owner)

    A great time. Good for couples too. I’d keep dosage to not more than 2G

  16. Tanya (verified owner)

    These were extremely “eye” opening! Probably one of my most intense, but educational experiences with mushrooms yet! Highly recommended for those that enjoy the heroic dose learning and healing experiences! Much love and happy healing to you all ❤️

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